Data Master

Become a master of Amazon data, no previous experience required

Analyze your Amazon data on-the-fly, finally freed from spinning excel files and cumbersome pivot tables.

Data Master of Amazon | Mixshift


# Pivot tables avoided per month


# Minutes saved loading data


Rows of data analyzed for you

Getting to the bottom of your Amazon data has never been this easy

So much data, so little time

Who has time to dive into the details of every single Amazon account?

You’re already busy. You have a nagging feeling that you want to take a closer look at your Amazon accounts but just don’t have the brain space to do it.

Downloading Amazon data, preparing it, and pivoting it is overly tedious. You feel your day slipping away and haven’t even answered that one-off question your client dropped in your inbox this morning. At best, you find yourself wasting time. At worst, your credibility as an expert is put on the line without the right tool for Amazon analytics.

Unstructured & unruly data

Spinning pivot tables

Time-sucking analysis

Hard to get answers

Repetitive setup

Process nightmares

Amazon Data | Mixshift
Data Analytics | Mixshift
Ryan Wright | MixShift
booyah | MixShift

Ryan Wright Marketplace Supervisor, Booyah Advertising

“MixShift has eliminated the guess work from our business…… and shifted the conversation from “What happened and why?”, to “What should we do next?”. My entire team now operates with confidence, knowing their opinions are firmly grounded in the data, and with the root-cause analyses, we can quickly filter out the noise, and focus our attention on the elements that move the needle.

Never avoid answering a question about Amazon data again

We give you tools for Amazon to quickly and efficiently get answers out of your data

To make the Amazon API data incredibly useful, we had to bring it all together in one place and become the master of it…the Data Master. MixShift is more than just a data connector. It’s your time-saving, question-slaying, deep-dive-in-minutes tool for getting the upper hand on your Amazon data analysis and reporting.

Our tools for Amazon analytics help you investigate down to the the search term and ASIN level. We pivot the data for you by all of the common dimensions but take it a major step further. We calculate what’s causing things to change using a proprietary algorithm. We call it our Bridge Engine and it can answer the question of, “What’s making my ACOS go up?” without even breaking a sweat.

Ads & Ops data in one place

Pre-pivoted and prepared

Pre-built Amazon analytics

TACOS, LTV, and custom data

Flexible filters for drilling down

Access for the whole team

ACOS changes answered

Proprietary Bridge analytics engine

Never fear the tough Amazon questions again.

And once you know what can be known, you’ll be surprised by the questions you’ll ask.

Amazon Data | Mixshift

Amazon Data at Everyone’s Fingertips

We enable all users, regardless of technical expertise, to easily use the breadth of your data. With a simple UI, users can drill down into Amazon data using their own filters and understanding of the account. No writing queries, no excel pivot table setup. Data shouldn’t be intimidating, it should be useful.

Stored Data | Mixshift

Historically Stored Data

If you’re relying on manual exports, you’re aware that your data ‘disappears’ and is no longer available in Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central after a certain period of time. Once you’re connected, we store your data ongoing so you never lose important historical context.

Exportable Reports | Mixshift

Fully Exportable Reports for Amazon

Sometimes you just need to do some additional tinkering with your data, which is why all of our tables are exportable. By applying custom filters and date ranges in the UI, you get the Amazon data you want for simple downloading to Excel and offline slicing.

Custom Data Labels | Mixshift

Custom Data Labels

Raw Amazon data doesn’t cut it. With custom labels and tags, you can organize your campaigns, items, and performance data into product groups, variations, and more. Along with custom goal setting, this is personalized analysis like none other.

Filter reports | Mixshift

Filter from the Top-Down

Start at the top and drill down into the data at the most granular level. As an example, you can filter to your nonbrand campaigns, then review search term performance by campaign or across product groups to see which terms are performing best.

Proprietary Bridge Analytics | Mixshift

Proprietary Bridge Analytics Engine

What’s having the worst impact on ACOS? Are new campaigns spending off the rails? Is a keyword’s CPC rising? We give you answers to these questions and more using our proprietary Bridge Engine. It will change the way you think about Amazon.

We think about Amazon Data more than anyone else on the planet.

Translating data into insights and insights into action since 2010

We have a team of Amazon experts who spent years inside Amazon. We’ve helped hundreds of agencies, brands, and Amazon sellers navigate the complicated world of e-commerce. Our success is not without challenges as we ran into issues concerning efficiency and management. In search of scalable solutions, our team decided to stop looking for answers. Instead, we solved them by building tools for Amazon that will make every seller and account manager’s life easier.

Looking to go deeper into the data?

Tap our team of Amazon experts to review or audit your accounts

Sometimes you may find yourselves at a crossroads with your Amazon seller account and in need of a second set of eyes. Across our team we’ve performed hundreds of audits that include everything from account triage & rebuilds, to opportunity assessments and customer dynamics.

If you find yourself in need, or just curious to learn our approach, reach out to us to enquire!

Amazon Account Audit | Mixshift

Ready to unlock your Amazon data?

Check out MixShift Data Studio.

Automated Amazon Data flow offering scalable reporting, democratized data access, & enhanced Advertising management – unlock new insights and bring scale to your organization.
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Report Center

Out-of-the-box Reporting for Amazon

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Data Master

Custom Advertising & Operational Data at your fingertips
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Streamlined Advertising Management for Amazon


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