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Custom Reporting for Amazon

Need something designed just for you or your clients? We have you covered within our platform or in your BI tool of choice.

If working with thousands of Amazon brands has taught us anything, it’s that there are both practical and personal reasons for needing custom reports for Amazon. Our data model is enhanced and built for flexibility, and our team can create customized reporting for Amazon directly to your specifications.

Amazon Custom Reporting | Mixshift

Let our team support your customized Amazon reporting needs

Don’t settle for hacked together reporting

Flexible Data Model

Leverage our custom labeling capabilities to transform your raw data into a perfectly constructed report for Amazon that visualizes performance exactly how you want to see it.

Built from Experience

Struggling for ideas? We have built custom Amazon reports for all types of businesses and understand what can be done with the data. We can guide you in what Best-in-Class reporting looks like with a topnotch BI tool.

Direct DB Connection

Looking to bring the data elsewhere and combine it with your other channel data? Our BI solution includes a direct connection to your database to allow you to extract your Amazon data to wherever you need it.

Flexible Support

Already have the BI expertise in-house? That’s awesome! Now, we can structure our support based on your BI tool proficiency. Be it a primer on the data sets, advising on best practices, or QA, we have you covered.

Always Up-to-Date

Once your reports for Amazon are built, we’ll keep them running smoothly by automating the data flow and protecting you from the structural changes that Amazon always throws our way.

Leery of BI Solutions?

Should your custom report for Amazon meet our requirements, we have the option of building it directly into our Report Center library on our platform, bringing greater speed, stability, and eliminating your reliance on yet another third-party tool.

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We know how to present and analyze Amazon data as well as anyone around

Translating Data into Insights, and Insights into Action since 2010.

Nothing teaches us better than first-hand experience. For our expert team, building effective reporting tools for Amazon was founded on personal encounters of operational issues, management concerns, and data insufficiencies. Fortunately, we’ve worked our way through and supported Amazon agencies and brands along the way. We want to ensure your business success with the same BI solutions we’ve created.

Ready to unlock your Amazon data?

Check out MixShift Data Studio.

Automated Amazon Data flow offering scalable reporting, democratized data access, & enhanced Advertising management – unlock new insights and bring scale to your organization.
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Report Center

Out-of-the-box Reporting for Amazon

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Data Master

Custom Advertising & Operational Data at your fingertips
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Advertising Center

Streamlined Advertising Management for Amazon


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