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MIXSHIFT is the only platform designed with Amazon agency problems in mind

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Our global Amazon agency partners who would be happy tell you exactly what that means

Things that halt growth for Amazon agencies, aggregators, sellers, & vendors

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Wasted Time

Nothing eats more time than pulling endless excel downloads from Seller Central or Vendor Central only to have your reporting break every stinkin week.

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Sunk Costs

It’s hard to recover from spending thousands of dollars and months of time on developers to end up with half baked tools that don’t work for your team.

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Lost Clients

It’s painful to see a client leave because you couldn’t explain why ACOS was trending upward week over week without a solution to identify the cause.

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Bad Automation 

Automation has its place, but do you really trust it? If the answer is ‘NO’, how will you make sure it delivers the results you need for your clients or account?

Which is why we built MixShift

Zero Setup, Pre-Built, Client-Ready Reporting & Analytics for Amazon

Scaled up services

Pre-built reporting and analytics using Amazon’s latest API data means your agency spends less time on low value tasks and is on the cutting edge by default.

Supercharged employees

Analytics that make your team the smartest in the room. Spend less time hunting for answers and more time growing sales with insights from MixShift that answer questions before they are asked.

Satisfied clients

How you communicate and what you show your clients matters. MixShift’s reporting for Amazon will have your clients saying, “Wow” and you looking reeeeaalllly good.

Report Center & Share Center

starting at $50 per merchant or brand

Make moves that matter, manage Amazon advertising quickly and confidently

Actually know what to optimize

No more guessing. Our proprietary Bridge Engine tells you what’s causing ACOS to move – proportionally – down to the search term level so you can adjust what matters.

Do it in bulk without sheets

Our advertising tools like Budget Balancing, Bids, and Search Term management are based on YOUR performance goals, not an algorithm’s so you can make optimizations in bulk confidently.

Master your automation

Automation is inevitable, but we never really trust it. MixShift gives you the oversight layer you need to monitor, adjust, and explain what’s going on with your automation.

MixShift Platform Subscription

Includes Report Center & Share Center with progressively declining pricing based on % of spend: See MixShift Platform pricing


Pricing that aligns with how you get paid

We know you have a lot of bills, especially to build your Amazon tech stack. That’s why our pricing aligns with how you contract with your clients.

If you only need Report Center & Share Center, pricing starts at a flat fee of $50 per merchant or brand with price breaks for batches of merchants.

If you want the whole platform including our custom Ad Management and proprietary Bridge Analysis tools, use our pricing calculator to see the super reasonable % of ad spend pricing that decreases as you grow.

Why Amazon agencies, sellers, and vendors love MixShift

Thank you again for creating simple, useful, yet beautiful reports that we/our clients can actually use! 🙌🏽

Elle Purchase

Retail Media Manager, Booyah Advertising

It just became more and more clear that the stuff we’d been working on and what we’d been using with you guys is by far what everyone internally relies on for almost everything. I wasted my time on these other conversations that I shouldn’t have done.

Matt Rosenfeld

Owner, CRUSH Amazon Agency

Leveraging MixShift has accelerated our client reporting and analysis timelines by nearly a year. The ability to analyze granular data and segment it in ways that the Amazon UI cannot, has enabled us to provide key insights to our clients and foster deeper relationships with our brand partners.

Anders Palmquist

Vice President & GM, ARMR

MixShift has been an outstanding partner for many years already. In a fast and always moving Amazon world MixShift is always super reliable and up to speed. They provide us with the data back bone that we need to focus on our core work, which is Amazon Ads. We are grateful for the great support through all these years. With the automated data flows and processes by MixShift we were able to set up a great client reporting that helped us to a) differentiate from our competition and b) deliver more value to our clients. Highly recommend MixShift whenever it comes to Amazon related data.

Max Burk

Owner, Moin Marketing - leading Amazon agency in Germany

The addition of MixShift to our company has allowed us to have complete visibility into all of the most important KPIs in our Amazon account. Never before have we had all of this information in a single view at the click of a button. The flexibility and customization of the tool allow us to slice our data up in the exact ways we want to see it whether that be by product category, product size, parent listing, child listing, etc. We have never had a more clear view of where our account stands and what levers we need to pull to move forward

Eric Oswald

VP Ecommerce Sales, Mela Artisans

Also, wanted to say thank you for Mixshift’s support, one of our clients recently saw a paired down version of the bridge report and they loved the insight it provided into what was driving change on the account. It’s extremely beneficial to me and the analysis I do, so I just wanted to share that.

Ryan Wright

Marketplace Manager, Vertical Rail

Thank you very much for building this. 
It’s data like this I can share with my clients that will take my work/agency to the next level. 
The service from Mixshift has been amazing. I would like to work with you guys. 
Rob Rehill

Founder, Ecommerce Velocity

Good morning, guys. First thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have given us the tools to be able to get visibility to the business in one week.

Lindsey Buckheit

Vice President, CRUSH Amazon Agency


In Amazon management, we all share the same goal: to provide best-in-class client service while delivering outstanding results.

We know you can’t provide awesome service and improved performance for your Amazon clients or accounts if you don’t have a couple of things. A great team, a strong foundation in the first principles of Amazon, and processes that scale as you grow your business.

Since 2016, MixShift has built solutions not just to augment Amazon agency and account management, but to redefine it. We have sat in your seat so we know the pressures, problems, and pains you face as an Amazon agency and practitioner. That’s why we thoughtfully build every solution with you in mind. Reporting that requires zero setup and actually answers questions for your clients. Analytics that get to the root of the problem so you don’t waste time searching for a needle in a haystack. And management tools that put you in the driver seat, not toss you out on the roadside of automation.

We want to work with 100 great partners, not 10,000 nameless accounts. That’s what makes us different, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to help your Amazon agency grow without compromising the expert service you give each of your clients. 50 1 | MixShiftAndy Signature no bg cropped | MixShiftSignature background removed | MixShift

Todd Vanderstelt, Andy Thompson, & Sam Hager

Amazon is a complex system that requires intentional oversight. Our goal is to give Amazon practitioners the tools they need to feel confident managing increasingly automated processes without losing sight of the end game.

Todd Vanderstelt

Co-Founder, MixShift

Stop pulling out your hair over wasting time on Amazon….or you’ll end up looking like me.

Andy Thompson

Head of Partner Success, MixShift

Our North Star is hearing that we built something useful for our partners. No Amazon agency or brand is exactly alike, but the problems faced have patterns that we identify and solve so our partners can get on with the work that actually matters.

Sam Hager

Co-Founder, MixShift


TACOS reporting for your Vendors on Amazon

We’ve long understood TACOS for Sellers, but what about for Vendors? As part of our done-for-you reporting suite in Report Center & Share Center, we’ve created reporting for vendors that shows the impact of your advertising efforts on retail performance. Not only does it include our custom labeling system for easy reporting and analysis segmentation by category, product line, vendor code, and more, but also includes new useful metrics like TACOGS (Total Advertising Cost of Goods Sold) developed exclusively for Vendor accounts.

Sellers and Vendors around the globe use MixShift to scale their Amazon businesses

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HydraPak | Mishft
Polar Bottle | Mixshift
pople | Mixshift
Jay Franco | Mixshift
Hydro Cell | Mixshift
OMI Industries | Mixshift
Super Nova | Mixshift
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Test your candidate’s analytical skills before you hire them to ensure they have the chops for Amazon management


A pre-built analytics template for Amazon’s Search Query Performance data that filters out unrelated terms so you can clearly see how the search landscape is moving

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Automated Amazon Data flow offering scalable reporting, democratized data access, & enhanced Advertising management – unlock new insights and bring scale to your organization.
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Report Center

Out-of-the-box Reporting for Amazon

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Data Master

Custom Advertising & Operational Data at your fingertips
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Advertising Center

Streamlined Advertising Management for Amazon


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