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Simply connect your accounts and we’ll build your reporting for Amazon. Specifically designed for Amazon agencies (aggregators, sellers, and vendors are welcome too!)

Used by Amazon thought leaders around the globe to unlock the power of their data

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Add Custom Labels to your Amazon data for personalized reporting and analytics

Have you ever wanted to show your clients how each product line is performing but don’t know how? Or maybe you want to compare three different campaign strategies to see which one performed best? Perhaps you’d like to add a TACOS goal to track against and celebrate profitability at the end of the month? You, as an Amazon seller, vendor, or agency, can do all of that and much, much more with MixShift’s new Data Manager solution.

Amazon data for personalized reporting and analytics | Mixshift

Wow clients, find opportunities for improvement, manage many seller or vendor accounts in Amazon, and win (good) deals with MixShift.

We want to help you block out the noise and find critical signals of your Amazon businesses. Without using the data available, we’re guessing at best and that can have costly consequences for your vendor or seller accounts on Amazon…taking on bad deals, losing clients because poor performance slipped through the cracks, and tanking sales because we took our eye off of inventory and operations are just a few examples of catastrophes that could’ve been prevented. But no more. You can shift your focus to the right stuff today with MixShift.

custom Amazon reporting | Mixshift

You could spend hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to cobble together your own custom Amazon reporting and data solution. Or, you can let us help lighten the load.

Data Studio

The MixShift machine that pulls, transforms, stores, and presents your Amazon data. This is the engine that makes our Report Center, Data Master, and Advertising Center solutions go. It’s the backbone to a perfect software for Amazon marketing agencies and sellers.

Data Studio | Mixshift
Report Center | Mixshift

Report Center

Ready-made reporting just for you…and customizable too!

Data Master | Mixshift

Data Master

Answer any question that comes your way, no pivot tables required (we did them for you)

Advertising Center

Advertising Center

Balance budgets, bid in bulk, and negate any nefarious search terms

Tired of those manual reporting processes? Yeah, us too.

We make reporting not only easy, but automated and packed with insights not available anywhere else while saving you countless hours spent every month on Amazon reporting. Think smart reporting that actually delivers like answering the question “Why did my ACOS go up?” via a proprietary analytics engine.

Out of the box Amazon Reporting | Mixshift

Report Center

Out-of-the-box reporting for Amazon

Ever get one of those questions you know is going to take hours to answer with data? 

We didn’t know what else to call it other than Data Master because that’s what it allows you to become. All of your historical data available and updated all the time with tools to slice and dice for easy question-answering capabilities. It’s a must-have for serious Amazon sellers and agencies that want to go deeper than the first cut (efficiently of course).

Data Master

Custom Amazon advertising & operational data at your fingertips

Custom Amazon Advertising | Mixshift

What good is all that data if you can’t do anything with it? We hear you, enter our action-oriented Advertising Center.

We’ve run a few Amazon advertising accounts in our day and know how tedious it can be. Our advertising account management tools for Amazon like budget balancing, bulk bid optimizations, search term negations and more help you shave hours off of your optimization sessions.

Advertisitng Center | Mixshift

Advertising Center

Streamlined advertising management and optimization

We think about Amazon Data more than anyone else on the planet.

Translating Data | Mixshift

Translating data into insights and insights into action since 2010

Our team of experts has spent years inside Amazon, built multiple agencies, and supported hundreds of brands in navigating the complex world of ecommerce. We’re building the solutions that solve the market needs based on our first-hand experience. It’s our hope that we’ve built a management software for Amazon that will help you take your organization to the next level of operation, efficiency, and sophistication.

We know Amazon

We’ve spent our careers navigating the challenging world of Amazon. Check out our content to flatten your learning curve via our experience (we have plenty of stories to share if you ever want to chat).

Ready to unlock your Amazon data?

Check out MixShift Data Studio to start getting smarter today

Automated Amazon Data flow offering scalable reporting, democratized data access, & enhanced Advertising management – unlock new insights and bring scale to your organization.
amazon business process management | Mixshift

Report Center

Out-of-the-box Reporting for Amazon

amazon business development | Mixshift

Data Master

Custom Advertising & Operational Data at your fingertips
amazon business analyst | Mixshift

Advertising Center

Streamlined Advertising Management for Amazon


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