MixShift for Investor


In Amazon advertising sales tracked down to the search term level


Repeat customers identified in revenue health analyses


Less time spent generating reports during Due Diligence

MixShift for Investors

Eliminate tedious data gathering and manipulation so you can skip straight to business assessment

And while you’re at it, take advantage of MixShift’s custom data transformations to learn more about your acquisition targets as an investor for Amazon. You’ll realize it’s more than what was possible otherwise, and can be the difference between finding good deals and avoiding bad ones.

Mixshift for Investors | Mixshift

Collecting data is the worst part of evaluating Amazon businesses…so we did it for you and so much more

Ditch your cumbersome spreadsheet models and clunky visuals

API Quality Data Sets

No more manual data pulling. Tap into our automated, enhanced Amazon data sets with dedicated resources focused on integrating new data sets into our systems as they are launched so you always have the best info at hand.

Smart Linking Across Reports

The full picture of business performance requires integrating Amazon data sets across operations and advertising. We make this easy and scalable by providing numerous custom labels and joining fields to simplify aggregating performance.

Customize & Label your Data

Report Performance at varying levels of granularity by adding your own values to custom fields to aggregate ASINs into product lines and integrate advertising and operational Amazon business data.

Enhanced Data Sets

We automatically transform your raw data to unlock new reporting capabilities such as Customer Lifetime Value, New vs. Repeat Revenue Mix, SKU Purchase Path Analyses, and other business assessment reports.

Free-Form Analytics Engine

Find the waste and opportunities within an Amazon account using our free-form analytical tools. No pivot tables required, with data exposed down to the customer search term level.

Connect When You Need To

Don’t require ongoing access to a Brand’s data? Tap into the data as you need it and move on when you don’t. Reach out to us and we’ll walk you through the best options considering your Amazon business model.

Amazon Reports Templates | Mixshift

Reporting, analytics, and advertising management for Amazon brands, agencies, aggregators, & investors

Understand your Amazon businesses like never before with our suite of efficiency-focused solutions

Amazon Business | Mixshift

Data Studio

Empowering growth through flexible and efficient Amazon data solutions built upon a stable, automated system. Translation: save time & money.

Report Center Chart | Mixshift

Report Center

Choose from a library of auto-updated, purpose-built reports of your Amazon accounts that are easily shared with partners through a secure URL or PDF export.

Data Master Chart | Mixshift

Data Master

Analyze your data on-the-fly, free from massive excel files and cumbersome pivot tables; just simple Amazon business data view.

Advertising Center Chart | Mixshift

Advertising Center

Unlock a suite of intuitive and efficient ad management tools that put you in control of Amazon business performance

No one thinks about Amazon data more than us

Translating Data into Insights, and Insights into Action since 2010.

After helping multiple agencies and Amazon businesses, our team of experts at MixShift is confident with the solutions we have built to help solve management and operational needs. Our tools have been tested and proven through first-hand experience to support any Amazon agency, brand, aggregator, or investor, while ensuring a competitive edge that can’t be found elsewhere.

Work with Amazon Experts

Curious to learn our approach to evaluating an Amazon business? We’re happy to assist. Just contact us regarding our Acquisition Analytics services.

We’ve worked with Amazon Brands for over a decade: from inside Amazon headquarters, through multiple agencies, with brands directly, and of course, sifting through mountains of data along the way. We’ve assisted both buy-side and sell-side transactions across Sellers and Vendors, helping investors for Amazon along the way, to the point where it has become second nature… and to be honest a bit of a passion project. We love the challenge and the opportunity to put our solutions to work.

Acquisition Analytics | Mixshift

Ready to unlock your Amazon data?

Check out MixShift Data Studio.

Automated Amazon Data flow offering scalable reporting, democratized data access, & enhanced Advertising management – unlock new insights and bring scale to your organization.
amazon business process management | Mixshift

Report Center

Out-of-the-box Reporting for Amazon

amazon business development | Mixshift

Data Master

Custom Advertising & Operational Data at your fingertips
amazon business analyst | Mixshift

Advertising Center

Streamlined Advertising Management for Amazon


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