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Advertising Training

Or as more appropriately described: ‘Operational Marketing Bootcamp’

Amazon Advertising is fundamentally different from any other PPC platform. At first glance it looks simpler and perhaps antiquated, but underneath it’s rife with compounding complexities.

We can teach you the basics in a day, but for the greatest effect, offer an immersive program to train you on Amazon sponsored ads to face any challenge you may experience while running campaigns.

Advertising Training | Mixshift

Amazon advertising training isn’t just for beginners

Not everyone has gone as deep into Amazon advertising as our team. Establish a process and increase your sales with us.

Establish the Paradigm

If you don’t go through Amazon training, your success depends more on luck than anything else. All our services begin by establishing the framework, applying it to your business, and setting proper expectations. for successful Amazon sponsored ads.

Tailor the Focus

Every Brand is unique, which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Amazon. We train you how to critically assess your brand relative to the market and formulate near and long-term Amazon ads campaign strategies to achieve your and your client’s goals.

Objective-based Management

Amazon advertising management requires foresight and intentionality. You’d be surprised how much control and efficiency can be gained by the proper structure. We give you the framework that will work for your business today and grow with you well into the future.

Common Workflows

“What to do” and “When to do it” are among the most common questions we hear. We break down the core management tasks into simple workflows and give you the cadence to manage your Amazon ads account with confidence.

Reading the Data

Amazon provides mountains of data with no instruction manual for how to put it to use. We break down the various datasets and teach you how to apply your learnings within a ‘data-driven-decision-making’ framework, ensuring you’ll never feel lost in any situation, including running an Amazon ads campaign.

Operational Marketing

Understanding advertising fundamentals will only take you so far on Amazon. We delve into the world of ‘Operational Marketing,’ illustrating how your operations are critically linked to Amazon Advertising, and how effective advertising is pivotal to the growth of your Brand.

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We think about Amazon Data from sunup to sundown

Putting the magnifying glass to Amazon advertising optimization since 2010

Our years working in Amazon not only made our team skilled, knowledgeable, and successful. We’ve helped and supported hundreds of agencies and brands achieve growth through the tools we’ve built and the Amazon training we’ve offered. Scale your organization with MixShift experts.

Ready to unlock your Amazon data?

Check out MixShift Data Studio.

Automated Amazon Data flow offering scalable reporting, democratized data access, & enhanced Advertising management – unlock new insights and bring scale to your organization.
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Report Center

Out-of-the-box Reporting for Amazon

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Data Master

Custom Advertising & Operational Data at your fingertips
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Advertising Center

Streamlined Advertising Management for Amazon


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