How does MixShift fit into my Amazon Tech Stack?

MixShift is used by our Agency and Brand partners as both a stand-alone solution, and as a complement to other automation platforms. So, where we fit in your stack is ultimately up to you, and the needs of your organization. But here are a few logical buckets to get you started:


Anyone working with Amazon can understand the importance of data, and MixShift is a solution that eliminates the tedious task of gathering and storing your Amazon data. From there, we’ve democratized data access by creating simple-to-use tools to allow anyone to access, segment, and analyze the breadth and depth of your data through an intuitive interface.

Further, we focused on linking the data back to the business use cases, which led to us developing a ‘Data Manager’ to let users label, tag, and augment their datasets to simplify and customize analyses to meet their unique requirements.

So as a starting point, many of our users are just looking for a robust means of managing their data, which is a role we fill well.


Another entry point for users is those looking to automate their reporting function.

With data in hand, our ‘Report Center’ fills the role of providing a library of purpose-built reports, designed to meet the various requirements of our users; always updated and ready to present. Further, we’ve taken a customer-first approach to reporting and continually field requests of “which report to build next?”.

For example, joining Advertising and Operational Data is notoriously difficult and a report to merge the two has been a top request from our users. We took that feedback and built dedicated “Operational Marketing” Reports directly into the MixShift platform so users can seamlessly track their ‘TACOS’, ‘Advertising contribution to Total Sales’, and other blended metrics, right out of the box.

As this is an endless effort, we continue to gather feedback and invest our resources in expanding the library. If we don’t have the report you need, drop us a note and we’ll see what can be done.


Turning ‘Data into Insights’ requires a lot of analytical horsepower. Be it a one-off analysis, or part of a standard workflow, endless hours can be invested in manipulating data and building models. Having first-hand knowledge of the pain involved, at the top of our list was to productize some of our analytical models… one of which, our ‘Bridge Engine’

Have you ever tried to trace what’s driving your ACOS up? And maybe found your conversion rate dropped and your CPC’s increased, but then wondered where to go next? Well, we have… a lot, and were tired of trying to do this analysis on the fly, so we built the ‘Bridge Engine’ to do the heavy lifting for us.

The ‘Bridge’ explains the changes in performance down to the Search Term level the exact contribution every attribute has in driving changes in performance. It provides a means to quickly get to the root causes driving the changes in performance, explain it definitively, and then take any necessary corrective actions.

These capabilities are unique in the market, and as such is another entry point for users looking to level-up their understanding of performance. Interestingly, our users tell us they’ve been using our tools to provide a ‘check’ on their automation tools. Tracing performance through a ‘black box’ algorithm brings additional challenges to managers, and as such, MixShift is being used as a complement to demystify the outputs.


Lastly, MixShift provides advertising management capabilities for Brands and Agencies, both large and small. The unique aspect of our approach is that we’ve taken the common tasks users perform (from budget balancing and pacing to bid management and negations), integrated them with your entire data set, and built tools to allow users to manage at scale. We focused on efficiency, and for users who have a solid understanding of the process, make it incredibly easy for them to control even the largest budgets.

So, while we don’t aim to have all the bells & whistles of the venture-backed tools out there, we already have the critical components users need to manage accounts, and to do so with transparency and at scale.

Automated Amazon Data flow offering scalable reporting, democratized data access, & enhanced Advertising management – unlock new insights and bring scale to your organization.
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Report Center

Out-of-the-box Reporting for Amazon

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Data Master

Custom Advertising & Operational Data at your fingertips
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Advertising Center

Streamlined Advertising Management for Amazon


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