Can I customize my data?

Yes, we have incorporated multiple user-defined tags and labels for your data, as well as additional input fields such as Lead times and Product Costs.

A few clarifying points…

The raw data from Amazon is not editable, but we will perform translations on top of the data to allow for linking across reports, and across advertising and operations data sets. These are upstream from user inputs, done automatically, and not something users would want to, or need to edit.

For users, we have built a number of custom fields that can be easily populated directly through our platform, which are then entered directly into your database. These customizations include fields such as Spend Budgets, ACOS Goals, ACOS goals by Campaign, Campaign Objectives, Campaign Managers, Item Groups, Multi-level Item Labels, Costs, lead-times, and more.

As appropriate, labels are applied either at the Campaign Level (Ads) or ASIN+Sku level (Ops), and where possible, linked across Advertising and Operations. For example, we allow users to group ASINs and Campaigns by ‘Item Group’, which then enables users to view their operational marketing performance across both data sets. The result: It’s quite easy to segment your catalog by product line, even if Parent ASINs are inconsistent, and get immediate visibility into Product Line TACOS or Advertising’s contribution to Total Sales.

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